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Songs & Stories

by Douglas A. Konecky

Singer, Songwriter & Storyteller.

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Welcome to the

World of DAK

Everything I see ends up in a story. My family is afraid to tell me anything. Sometimes it starts at the piano with a new riff or chord progression, and sometimes I’ll see something strange while riding my bike on Valencia Street. Most of the time, an idea is nothing more than an idea, but sometimes one takes hold and that’s when the fun starts. Here are songs, stories and story-songs, that is stories that have been set to music. Feel free to subscribe to be notified about new stuff. 
DAK S BACK CD Front Cover.jpg

My Latest Release

These are songs about American Joes and all those people trying so hard to become one. We’ve got my tribute to New York City and beautiful La Culebra in Puerto Rico. We’ve got good-bye songs too, one from San Francisco and one for a friend in New York I never got a chance to say good-bye to. There are two songs about babies – babies rock. You never know when your light might shine.  Check it out >>

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