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DAK's Back
DAK S BACK CD Front Cover.jpg

DAK's Back

Latest Release | 2018

These are songs about American Joes and all those people trying so hard to become one. We’ve got my tribute to New York City and beautiful La Culebra in Puerto Rico. We’ve got good-bye songs too, one from San Francisco and one for a friend in New York I never got a chance to say good-bye to. There are two songs about babies – babies rock. You never know when your light might shine. 

Everybody's Armed

Everybody's Armed

Cat's Whisker's Music | 1996

These songs were written as a riot raged in Los Angeles and my family was getting ready to move from the city we knew to one we knew nothing about. Listen to “Brains in Backwards” and “Urban Lullaby” and “This Bag of Oranges” and you realize little has changed. If I wrote a sequel it would be called EVERYBODY’S STILL ARMED. 

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah, My Friend

A Contemporary Celebration

by Konecky & Wilde | 1997

My partner Justin Wilde suggested we write and produce a Hanukkah album because there weren’t any good ones. I thought he was crazy. He wasn’t. We wrote a few songs and adapted others. You can’t imagine how many people have recorded the title song. But we only have a couple hundred left and then that’s it. Now’s your chance.  

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