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New Songs & Stories

New Songs


These songs have yet to make it onto a CD. They are open to critique. Take a listen. Do you like them? No? We writers don’t know the difference between painting a masterpiece or our toenails. You do. Send me your thoughts >>

Stories & Story Songs

Typewriter Keys

These stories all revolve around a fascinating period in my life when my buddy Yossi and I traveled to Asia to play for communities of Jewish people, some of whom had come from Iraq, and some whose parents or grandparents were from Vienna and had walked across Europe and Asia in the 1940s to establish new homes in Singapore or Bangkok. 

🎼 Some of these stories have been set to music. You will know a Story from a Story Song by the tiny Treble Cleff in the title.

Covid Stories: The Bank Teller

The masked man enters the 29th and Mission St. branch of Bay Savings and Loan at 2pm. There is no line because he is the only customer in...

Three VERY Famous Songwriters

"$" is pronounced: "Dollar Sign." "?" is pronounced: "Question Mark." "??" is pronounced: "Two Question Marks." I was a songwriter in Los...

Singapore Stories: 🎼 Holy Dude

Follow Doug and Ari into a Bangkok alley, where certain valuable information is divulged to them. Music: baglama, guitar, bass, drums.

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